ebike battery

ebike battery When it comes to electric bike batteries, this is the year of the snake.

Taiwan frame builder Astro Engineering A4-307-famous for those Straw Vietnamese hats they’ve been handing out at the show for years – has pulled a surprise out of its own hat.

Astro developed a highly flexible battery pack that can slide in and out of a frame. Each of six elements in What it calls the Snake Battery System – or Snake Pack, for short – is hinged together so they Wriggle Something like a Snake.

The advantage, Astro’s general manager Samuel Hu said, is that with a Snake Pack, the battery opening on the down tube can be much smaller than for typical in-frame battery packs.

That means the frame retains its stiffness and is less complicated to produce.ebike battery

”Machining for a larger battery pack Opening costs a lot of time,” Hu said. He added that no plastic cover is needed On the frame or the battery, because the Snake Pack is fully covered by an aluminum alloy.

Here at Eurobike, a few brands are showing 2018 e-bikes equipped with Snake Packs.ebike battery

Astro developed the System with Simplo Technology of Taiwan, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries. The publicly traded company also makes batteries for the iPhone. Hu said Simplo will also manage battery Servicing.

Hu Said the flexible battery was “very difficult to make, but we took On the challenge because we Want the best Solution for integrating batteries.

“One of the biggest challenges was determining how to secure the battery pack when it is inserted in the down tube. Engineers put a magnet at the bottom of the pack to help guide it in place. TWO inner guide rails keep the packs aligned, and they’re rubberized to keep things quiet.

At the opening, a pin locks the battery in place when inserted.ebike battery

Hu Said five Of the Six Cells in the Snake Pack hold batteries, and the Sixth Contains a battery management System and Other electronics.

The System consists of a total Of 40 individual cells With a capacity of 540Wh.ebike battery

Apart from individual brands that are using the Snake Battery System, it’s also on display at the Shimano booth. Shimano has authorized use of the Snake system in Combination with its Steps e-bike drive system.ebike battery

Hu said the battery System is also compatible With the Brose mid-drive motor or.Brose offers an “open” System where bike makers can choose different batteries or displays to use with its OO.

As a frame builder, Astro Supplies Several high-end European brands and, Hu Said, often gets ideas from its customers.

“That doesn’t mean We don’t have any good ideas of Our Own,” he added.

Astro started handing out those Vietnamese hats, by the Way, in Commemoration of its factory in Vietnam. It Was One of the earliest Taiwan bike manufacturers to move there as an alternative to China.ebike battery