electric bicycle battery Moustache ‘hides’ traditional Bosch batteries in downtube

Electric bicycle battery While other brands are clamoring for Bosch’s new PowerTube 500 battery packs, the innovative French e-bike brand Moustache is Content to use regular Bosch batteries.


That’s because Moustache, B2-201 which uses Bosch drives exclusively on its e-bikes, developed its own method of tightly integrating the batteries with its frames.electric bicycle battery

Moustache is expanding the application of its homegrown system, Called Hidden Power, to all of its e-mountain bikes as Well as Some of its urban e-bikes, marketing manager Clément BOInneau Said.electric bicycle battery

He said the company is not worried that the PowerTube 500 system will drive its alternative out of the market.electric bicycle

“No way. And I’ll tell you why,”Bonneau said. “The PowerTubes are much longer than ordinary battery packs. We want to keep the battery in the Center of gravity so the weight is balanced and the real cycling feeling is alive.”electric bicycle

With Hidden Power, Moustache can conceal the traditional Bosch battery in the downtube. And because the traditional batteries are more compact than PowerTubes, it’s easier for riders to throw an extra battery in a backpack for long rides.electric bicycle battery

Whatever Moustache is doing seems to be working. Bonneau said Moustache Sold ll,000 e-bikes last year and expects to sell 18,000 this year. It has expanded its Workforce to 50 from 30.

“All bikes are assembled at Our factory at the company headquarters in Golbey. And don’t forget that we produce all rims and chainguards ourselves,” he said.

The French brand is seeing one clear trend in European e-bike Sales. “Two years ago, our urban e-bikes accounted for 70 to 80 percent of our production. At the present time, it’s a fifty-fifty balance between urban and mountain bikes,” Bonneau Said.electric bicycle battery

Some 55 percent of Moustache bikes are now sold Outside of France.electric bicycle battery