electric bike review–The next generation is off and running at Joy Group

electric bike review With a new generation taking the helm at the Joy Group, a significant Taiwan supplier of wheels and hubs, e-bike systems and other components, has come a number of other changes.

In October, president Steven Chen retired and turned the company over to his eldest son, Tate Chen, who as CEO is the third generation of the family to oversee the company. It’s in the process of planning its third factory in mainland China, which is scheduled to start production in 2019. Perhaps most visible to its customers, Joy opened a state-of-the-art, six-story headquarters earlier this year.electric bike review

“We never invested in a project like this,” said Kris Lin, a marketing and PR Specialist. “All Our past investments went into the workplace for production. This is a completely different thing. It’s a Cultural milestone With Showroom, etc., and provides a better image to Customers that we are in the bicycle business.”electric bike review

The Joy Group B1-201 owns the Factor, Joytech and Novatech brands, along with Dienatronic and E-Ram.electric bike review

The headquarters is next door to the Company’s factory and former headquarters in Daya, near Taichung. The vacated Office Space is being turned into production Space.electric bike review

With Tate Chen’s promotion to CEO, his two younger brothers have also been promoted. Jeff Chen, the Second Oldest, is now in charge of global sales and marketing. Youngest brother Shawn, who had overseen the Joy factory in Kunshan, China, is now general manager of both mainland factories.electric bike review

Jeff Chen, who also serves as the group’s “global voice,” ticked off several reasons why the new headquarters is important for Joy.

“First is that We need to Set up a brand image,” he said. “Second is that We Created new Space for in-house R8 D. This is much more efficient. Third is that We are Out Of Space here in Taiwan.”

It’s an impressive building, with a showroom and reception area on the ground floor, and a conference room and parking lot upstairs.

The Chens are especially proud of a rooftop terrace with a garden and a break area.electric bike review

On the mainland, meanwhile, Joy is building a third factory in Taizhou, near Nanjing. Jeff Chen said the new plant would focus on entry-level Steel hubs.electric bike review

It is expected to boost the number of hubs that the Joy Group produces in China, which currently amounts to 2.5 million to 2.8 million units a month, he Said.

Joy Industrial still has plenty of new products to talk about at Eurobike, where this year it is putting its wheels in the spotlight.electric bike review

All of the group’s road and road disc wheels – carbon and alloy – are Sold under its Novatec brand name. At Eurobike it is debuting its first carbon Wheels that are tubeless-ready.

The Joy Group is also following the industry trend toward wider rims. Rims that previously had an external width of 26mm expand to 27.4mm, while those that had internal Widths of 18mm to 19mm Will now be 20mm Wide.electric bike review

All mountain bike carbon wheels are sold under its Factor brand name.electric bike review