Electric bikes are not electric driven motorbike or mopeds, they are what they say they are. A normal bike that still uses pedal power but has a battery, an electrical motor and a controller! Electric bike kits come in DIY form, so if you fancy adding a bit more steam to your pedal power and you are a DIY guru or reliably adept, you could turn your own existing bicycle into an electric bike.

Doing this does not remove the pedal power; on the contrary, this is still very much a functioning part of the bike. The electric motor purely augments the pedal power and makes riding this machine easier.

You will not be allowed to participate in the Tour de France with a bike like this, and to be honest, you are also not going to be able to achieve very high speeds. But what will happen is, you receive assistance from the motor if and when you need it. Many people would like to ride bicycle to improve their fitness levels and it may just be a little too tough for them. An electric bike will help to get over the hard riding parts and also help increase your fitness levels in small increments, which is how this should be.

There are many different sizes, shapes, designs, speeds and models of these bikes for the choosing. Models for the relaxed rider, the sporty rider and the very active too! It is for you to decide what you want, and which category you fit into.

The electric motors used on these bikes are fitted in various ways. The older models may have a chain driven motor, mounted on the side, while newer models have these motors mounted in the front or rear wheel hub; making them more streamlined.

The electric motors are also of various wattages and users have to determine what they want it for and how powerful it should be, dependent on their need. Older models have batters already fitted, while with a newer model users can choose what kind of battery you want. These are the tree main types, lead acid, lithium ion and nickel metal hydride.

The motor is operated by means of a controller; again, it is up to the user to decide where they want this to be fitted. It can be mounted on the handlebars in much the same way as a throttle would be, and it can be activated by the pedals.


Source by Michael Mize Russell