In short, an electric bike is a fun, reliable, and practical way of transportation. Imagine combining the benefits of riding a bike with the convenience of driving in your car. They accomplish just this and many more. They provide riders with new ways to navigate the distances and conditions that have often made traditional bicycles less desirable options. These fun machines are very popular in Asia and on the rise in popularity in the UK, many parts of Europe and the USA.

Electric bikes are basic in concept. They use the power of an electric motor to aid the cyclist in moving from place to place. Whether over long distances or on hilly terrain, the electric bike can make a big difference in the use of a bicycle for travel, allowing the cyclist to arrive at its destination fresh and exhilarated. They work especially well in urban environments with their congested automobile traffic and limited parking spaces.

Electric bikes generally fall into two categories: those that provide a ride independent of pedaling and those that provide power only as assistance to the pedal actions of the cyclist.

The first type, known simply as the electric bicycle or e-bike, uses a throttle on the handlebar to operate the motor and allows the cyclist to ride to his destination. This style offers the greatest easy to those who want to avoid the exercise and sweat which comes with pedaling. It is a good choice for seniors who no longer want to always pedal their bikes but still want to enjoy the cycling experience. It is just as useful for the commuter who wants to arrive at work looking fresh and out-of-breath or sweaty.

The second type is more commonly referred to as the pedelec bike to differentiate it from its e-bike cousin. On the pedelec bike, the motor only engagements when the cyclist is pedaling, thereby targeting the cyclist's own efforts. The experience is similar to riding with a following wind. It makes hills much easier to surmount-even very steep ones-and allows cyclists to travel distances that they would not with only human power.

The other style of an electric bike is a great new option in transportation choices. Rechargeable and replaceable batteries, powerful and quiet motors, and stylish and exciting features to fit different types of cycling all make the electric bike very much a wise and fun choice for getting out and going places.


Source by Joseph Halsall