Electric vehicle conversion is not rocket science. Anyone can figure out how to do it. If you have ever changed your own oil or a spark plug then you're overqualified.

To start your EV conversion you will need: Some simple tools you probably already have. A shop or garage. You obviously need a vehicle to do the conversion on. Most importantly you need a detailed set of plans for your electric vehicle conversion.

Just about any small car or truck will work for your EV conversion as long as it has a standard transmission. Using small trucks is a great idea. The more range you want the more batteries you need. Batteries can get really heavy fast. Small trucks are light, but strong and can handle the weight.

You can buy an EV conversion kit but be prepared to spend up to $ 10,000. A better option would be to use parts from fork lifts and golf carts and get reconditioned batteries.

There are numerous examples of electric vehicle conversion being done for $ 1000 or less including the cost of the plans. It would cost a lot more to fix most old gas engines than to convert to electric.

Maintenance costs for an electric vehicle conversion are very low. Very few moving parts and simpler systems mean that it does not break down often. There's no more expensive tune ups, no more muffler repairs or oil changes either. But best of all there's no more gas to buy ever. Driving by the gas pumps is a really great feeling too!

An Electric vehicle conversion will do 50 mph on the highway and can go up to 200 miles on a charge. The more batteries you use the further you can go. Electric cars are really fast off the line and nothing can beat them but because acceleration slows at higher speeds they are better suited to city driving.

This is actually a good thing because an electric vehicle conversion will work its best when conventional cars are at their worst. This could really help cut pollution and help stop global warming.

We all know that gas prices are going to rise again. This time they could go as high as $ 7 according to some analysts. But you wont care. You sure will be glad you learned about electric vehicle conversion and built your own EV car then.

Do not let low gas prices fool you.There never has been a better time to do an EV conversion. Uncle Sam will even give you a tax credit of up to $ 1000 if you do. Go to the resource box below and get your EV conversion plans now!


Source by Steven Sherin