There is more more selection than there used to be when it comes to electric kids scooters – when this happens one might feel a bit "spinny" searching for one that is not only fun, but made with a higher quality and receiving great consumer ratings.

Based on my own research in this area, here are the Top 5 electric kids scooters in terms of popularity and high consumer ratings:

1. Razor E100 Scooter – This appears to have the lowest price tag among the electric scooters from Razor, but it also bears some very nice consumer ratings. This scooter is made for someone who weighs less than 120 pounds and is 8 years old or above. It requires a small kick start (3 MPH) in order for the motor to engage, and will run up to 40 minutes. It is also available in quite a wide variety of colors.

2. Razor E125 Scooter – This model from Razor is similar to the E100, but has fold-down handles so that it is more easily stored. As is true with the E100, it requires a small kick start to get the motor going and has the same age and weight limits as well as the same "charge time".

3. Razor E200 Scooter – Here we seem to be looking at a bit of a sturdier scooter in terms of its build. It is able to carry a rider up to 220 pounds and will run a bit faster for a longer period of time without a recharge. (It runs up to 12 MPH and 45 minutes charged.)

4. Razor E300 Scooter – This model of electric scooter from Razor has a helmet deck (where the rider stands on) and runs a bit faster – up to 15 MPH and features wider tires for a better ride. Like the Razor E200, this model will run up to 45 minutes charged.

5. Razor Pocket Mod Mini Euro Scooter – I was so tickled when I found this scooter since it looks like so much fun and has a more "grown up" look than some others. It is a "scaled down" version of a Euro scooter, and has quite a fun and sleek look to it. This scooter will run up to 15 MPH with 150 pound weight limit. The recommended age is 12 years and older. One note on this scooter is the variety of colors it is available in – including a cute "Sweet Pea" pink, Black, Violet / Purple and a Bright Red.

You may notice that the list of electric kids scooters above are all from the same company – Razor. This is due to the fact that – well, they appear to make the best scooters, at least if popularity and ratings are an indicator of a good product – and I believe they are.


Source by Tonya Brisnehan