Scooters have been traditionally designed with a step through frame, however newer designs made for fun recreation are sleeker and are designed for standing on. They are more just super sized kick scooters with powered engines! From motor-less kick scooters with just a riding pad and a steering wheel these model scooters have evolved into motor powered riding machines. With both gasoline and electric motors, each scooter type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Electric scooters are simple and easy to use. Ride your scooter to bring the battery goes flat, swap with a spare battery or recharge and use again. This simplicity make for easy use with no knowledge of the inter workings of your electric scooter. Bundle this with the super quiet high performance electric motor; an electric scooter is bound to bring you hours of scooting fun!

Gas motor scooters have the traditional noisy gasoline engine; however they give the wonderful feeling of raw power and top performance. Gas scooters have the advantage of being a very fast motor scooter; reaching speeds of up to 30+ mph. Going out for some serious use of your motorized scooter? That's find bring extra gas and simply refuel when your tank runs out.

Physically the gas and electric scooters generally look the same, with both seated and stand only designs available. Electric scooters appear to be more compacted and tidy, where the gas powered scooter's engine takes up more room and has a gas tank attached.

When all things are summed, it comes down to a simple choice as to what motor scooter would suit you best; gas or electric? The electric scooter gives you simplistic fun with easy maintenance and upkeep. Charging your scooter is as simple as plugging into your power outlet before bed. You can also look forward to happy neighbors due to the quietness of the electric scooter with the small sacrifice of speed. Can not slow down? A gas scooter will take you everywhere you want to go at great speeds with the great sound of raw gas power!


Source by Zulu Johnson