electric mountain bicycle-The Wolf Ridge gives Marin something to how about

Marin has something to how about with its new Wolf Ridge fullsuspension, full-carbon electric mountain bicycle.


The Wolf Ridge from Marin uses the distinctive R3ACT 2Play Suspension System designed by former mountain bike pro Darrell Voss and his R8D company, Naild. The 160mm travel suspension first appeared on Polygon bikes, an Indonesian Sister brand Of Marin.

“This bike Can Climb and descend equally well. The frame is engineered and built durable enough for trail and enduro use, while being light enough for cross-country riding,” brand director Chris Holmes Said.

The bike, he said, rides like a hardtail when climbing but provides the necessary Suspension on the downhills.electric mountain bicycle.

According to VOSS, the R3ACT Suspension uses a mono-stay, so designers have more flexibility to build the bike around the suspension system. The mono-stay is elevated so it’s less likely to be damaged.electric bicycle

Unusually, the system does not require lockouts of pedaling platforms for climbs or descents.electric mountain bicycle

Marin first showed the Wolf Ridge at the Sea Otter Classic, a big U.S. cycling festival that takes place every Spring in Monterey, California. The company said the 29er has been in development for five years.electric mountain bicycle

Although the Wolf Ridge line is its most distinctive, Marin has a few other models to talk about at Eurobike.electric mountain bike

The Rift Zone, a full-suspension 29er with 120mm of travel, has been revamped for 2018 to incorporate a new Multi Track Suspension System instead of the previously used IsoTrac System. Marin is also offering the Rift Zone with an aluminum frame.