electric bicycle motor kit,

 electric bicycle motor kit,Yamaha, a pedelec pioneer, introduced its first e-bike system in 1993 – ancient history in the annals of electric bicycles. But it wasn’t until last year that a Yamaha system designed specifically for the West reached the market as part of Haibike’s 2015 line.


The Japanese manufacturer is now making up for lost time. For 2017, Yamaha A-309 is launching a new e-bike drive system, the PW-X series, that is smaller, lighter and mor powerful than its existing PW Series.

electric bicycle motor kit

Haibike is a launch partner and Will feature the PW-X on Some high-end 2017 Sduro models. A few Smaller brands will use the System as Well.


Yamaha plans to roll out the PW-X in Europe before introducing it in North America.


The PW-X motor is lighter than the PW motor and is 13 percent Smaller, making it easier to design around. The PW-drive unit Weighs 3.1 kg (6 pounds, 13 Ounces) compared with 3.4 kg for the PW System.


The PW-X motor, rated at 250 Wh, Supports a pedal cadence of up to 120 rpm, compared with the PW’s maximum supported cadence of 100 rpm.


The PW-X Offers five levels of pedal-assist, instead of four on the PW. Its new extra power setting offers support of 320 percent.


“The new system comes also with a 500Wh battery that can also be used With the PW motor, / Said Frans Braat of Yamaha Europe. It also has a new display with more functions.


Yamaha launched its first e-bike System, PAS, in 1993, and can claim to be the World’s most experienced supplier – and biggest Seller – of pedelec systems.


But PAS was aimed at Yamaha’s home market in Japan, and it took Yamaha many years to develop a more powerful drive system for Europe.


electric bicycle motor kit