elektrofahrrad If Eurobike seems more jam-packed than ever before, it isn’t your imagination.


Show officials expect another record year for exhibitors and visitors. But they will be squeezed into less space because of a new demo setup and because the Zeppelin Hall is unavailable this year, Eurobike head Stefan Reisinger said.elektrofahrrad

“I think we now have a packed and fully booked fairground. It’s very compact and it will be busy,” he said.

So it’s a good thing that Messe Friedrichshafen recently upgraded its air conditioning system. The €5.2 million ($6.1 million) upgrade got its first WOrkOut at the OutDOOr Show in June. Reisinger Said the air conditioning Was well received, especially as temperatures Soared above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

“We managed Over the last nine months to redo and rebuild the Cooling System, and now it’s much better and more Sufficient,” he said. And with Eurobike moving to early July next year, a better air COnditioning System was a much-needed investment.

This year’s Eurobike features 1,400 exhibitors, up from 1,350 last year, and Reisinger expects more than 40,000 Visitors. Good sales generally lead to a strong trade show, and European bike sales have been Solid this year. “elektrofahrrad

In general, the European market is quite healthy. We also see the e-bike trend accelerating in southern Europe. It’s still very strong in the Germanspeaking market,” he said, E-mountain bikes have been on a tear, and other e-bike categories are also strong.

Eurobike has tWeaked itS dem O program again this year. NOW, demo booths will mostly be behind the B Halls and in the Open Fairground East, between the B4 and A6 halls (see our demo maps. On page 4).

Officials expect that about 3,000 bikes will be available for test rides during the three trade days and the consumer day On Saturday.

Eurobike is also launching a new area, The Wrider’s Club, for bloggers and Writers active on Social media. It’s also emphasizing products for Women, and will host an exhibit honoring the 200th anniversary of the bicycle.elektrofahrrad

Eurobike Officials and visitors will also be looking ahead to 2018, when Eurobike opens On July 8, a Sunday, for a three-day run.elektrofahrrad

Reisinger said he hopes the earlier dates will enable Eurobike to win back Some of the big bike brands who quit the show because it was too late for them.

One casualty of the earlier dates, however, is Eurobike’s popular Consumer day. Although it typically draws more than 20,000 visitors, Eurobike will not offer one next year.

Reisinger said retailers and exhibitors did not want consumers to see products that are intended for the upcoming year in the middle of the selling season for the Current year.

“If we want to make the new timing Work for the business part of Eurobike, then we have to skip the Consumer part at that early time,” he said. “It would have been very difficult to sell this idea of an early trade show to the clients or the dealers”elektrofahrrad