EV Conversion Kits are growing in popularity as more people are searching for ways to find alternate energy sources to power their vehicle. EV kits claim to provide the tools necessary to convert your car to an electric car. However, many people are finding problems with EV car kits. So, why would you not want to purchase an EV car kit? Check out these 3 reasons to avoid an EV car kit.

  • All parts are not included – Most EV car kits do not contain all of the parts or equipment that are required to convert your vehicle. The batteries which is the main part for your vehicle conversion project are usually not included as a part of the kit.
  • Instructional Material Gaps – Some EV conversion kits may not contain sufficient instructions to allow you to convert your vehicle correctly. You may still have to refer to other guides and materials to take you through the process.
  • Lack of availability – Some car kits may not be available in every country and may be difficult to find due to that reason.

So, if you do not use an EV Car Kit, then what are your options to successfully complete a do it yourself electric car conversion?

This is a good question. To effectively complete your conversion, then simply learn the parts that are needed for your conversion and do it yourself. You can find this information by referring to guides that will take you step by step to complete your electric car conversion. You will find out all the tools that you need and where you can obtain your parts at a reasonable price.

We used a guide that helped us to complete the EV conversion ourselves without the use of an ev car kit. Making a list of the parts and tools needed along with using a guide can really provide you all the details to get started.


Source by Timothy Truel