Recently there has been a great deal of talk about caveman health, or how evolution has designed us to be healthy with certain kinds of food and exercise. The basic premise is that we are substantially the same physically as our ancestors ten thousand years ago. This was before humanity took up agriculture and basically scavenged, gathered and hunted for food.

So our ancestors would wonder around looking for food, with occasional bursts of high energy activities such as chasing after animals, fighting or even running away from predators.

From an exercise point of view this means we are best suited to low energy activities interspersed with short bursts of high energy actions.

How can we use this on our bikes? Let me say right away that we are talking about "cycling bikes" here not the sort you sit on and the engine does all of the work for you!

We all know that cycling can be fun, good for our health and good for the environment; you can even use it for getting from A to B. To improve your fitness you should firstly cycle as much and as regularly as possible. To implement the Evolution on a ladies bike method you should cruise along but then burst as fast as you can for one min. Slow to an easier pace for at least 3mins and repeat. Make sure you are in a safe area to do the burn part, maybe a park or a traffic free cycle way is perfect. Recent research has shown that only 3 repetitions of the burn phase a day can improve the health of your heart and lungs.


Source by Colin Phipps