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Total Cost for just the motor and parts: A little over $400.

Here is a list of everything that I bought and used for this project:

Bike Rear Wheel Electric Motor:

Lead Acid Battery 7aH:

48V Volt battery Charger:

3 Prong Charging Jack:

Pedro’s Bicycle Tire Lever:

Zoomable Flashlight with Mount Holder :

12 Gauge Wire:

Female Disconnect:

Bullet Splice:

SLA 12 Volt Battery Connection diagram:

Recommended things but not required:

-Multi-meter for measuring voltage

-Wire Stripper

-Crimping Tool

-Duct Tape

-Electrical Tape

Few things I forgot to mention in the video:
The reason I almost electrocuted myself was because I connected the batteries incorrectly. Differently than the diagram. So if you follow the diagram everything will go smoothly.