Unique and eccentric, that is the first impression from people who for the first time see the low rider bike pass by. They often give various comments to us or even to our bike. How did you make this bike?

It is actually not a difficult thing to do when we want to assemble a low rider bike we just need extra patience and money! Approximately 3 million or more is needed to make this bike. There are two methods in order that we can have this kind of bike: we can assemble the bike or we can buy it in full pieces. There are some weaknesses and advantages of assembling or buying the bike from the store:

The weakness of buying it directly from the store:

1. We can not hope that the bike will suit our imagination because all bikes sold in the store is standardized manufacture from the factory.
2. They are relatively expensive.
3. The quality is not always good.

The advantages of assembling the bike by ourselves:

1. We can express ourselves by the design we make.
2. Competitive in price.
3. We can optimize the capability of the bike.

If we have decided to assemble the bike, the things to know is that you need to have extra patience because there will be some mistakes arise from our lack of equipments. Moreover, if we need certain parts, we must order it first and wait until we can use those parts. The primary foundation in starting to assemble a low rider bike is frame or what we usually call "a body" because this is the basic ingredients in assembling a bike.

In order to obtain the frame, we need to search at special places such as used-parts stores, low rider store, collectors or workshop that has collection of frames; it is because the ordinary store rarely sells a separate frame. The price varies from $ 5 to $ 150 or even more expensive. The brand will also determine the price of the frame. The better the brand, the higher the price. However, before we decided to buy a frame, we should have a picture in mind about what would be the end product of this bike. If we want to finish the assembly process immediately, we should assemble a standard low rider bike while keep collecting spare parts that will be added later. Find good information from the magazines, visit workshop or find information via Internet that can enrich our imagination on low rider bikes.


Source by Qity Maria