Here’s a list of some interesting downhill spots. You may not actually want to skate these, but they would be cool to check out if you were in the area. Just do a quick Google search for any of these and you should be able to see what exactly I’m talking about when I mention these streets.

1. U.S. highway 50, nevada. This highway goes on for many miles and takes you from 3000 feet above sealevel to 0 above sealevel. It’s very steep, and also very wide, thanks to a road revision made in 2000.

2. Lombard street, san francisco. If you can skate this, then you’re a master downhill boarder. Lombard street is super crooked and bumpy; sketch to the max.

3. Interstate 80 – this 2899 mile highway connects california to new jersey. Its not all downhill, but some parts of it are. You can skitch the rest of the way. Or push yourself. 2899 miles is a long way on a skateboard.

4. Mauna kea, hawaii. 26 miles of road built on the side if one of hawaii’s biggest active volcanoes. It’s a shield volcano, though, meaning the lava flows rather than erupts (like mount st. Helens)

5. Baldwin street, new zealand. This is the steepest street in the world. At 300 meters long and with a 35 percent grade; baldwin street is the most dangerous place in the world for anything with 4 wheels. I don’t think sliding would slow you down here.

Chances are good you won’t skate any of these (and neither will anyone else) but at least you have something to put on your bucket list… right?


Source by Raphael Clarke