Some of you may have heard the kid down the street or even seen the young punk on the corner riding around and what looks like a 10 speed bike. However, if you take a closer look, you'll discover that there are not 10 speeds on that bike. In fact, you've probably discovered that there is just a single speed. That's because these kids unintentionally took their parents old Schwinn, took off the derailer, put on a fixed-gear or track-bike hub, took off the brakes, slapped on some crazy "mustache" handle bars, roled up their pants, and rode down to the closures critical mass ride with their new converted fixed gear (OR spent a few hundred bucks to have someone do it for them).

In any regards, fixed gear bikes are all the rage in the hipster population. And it could not have come at a better time. With gas prices at an all time high and the need to go "Green", you can not blame the kids for huffing it on 2 wheels for free and no exhaust smoke rather than spending close to hundreds of each month just to go a few miles down the road and spew forth fumes for miles (come on admit it – you've driven to places that you totally could have walked to). So if you're new to this fixed gear bike and they are curious about how it all works, here's a quick breeze through the basics.


It's simple. Fixed gear bikes are exactly that – fixed! Also known as a fixed wheel bicycle, it's basically a bike without the ability to coast (coast means you stop pedaling but the back hub still spins). The sprocket is screwed directly on to the hub and there is no freewheel mechanism. That means you can not coast on a fixed gear bike. Your feet are always pedaling. As exhausting as this sounds, it does provide you with more efficiency when pedaling.

Most fixed gear bikes only have one gear ratio. This means there are no additional gears to switch to. Your typical BMX bike is a single speed gear, however, BMX bikes tend to have freewheels (aka you can COAST!).


Some say the popularity of fixed gear bikes can be traced back to bike messengers. They've been using fixed / single speed bicycles for years as it helps them get around faster (back to the whole efficiency of movement thing). Bike messengers were also known for being renegades on some level and having a "punk" attitude. This combined with the general popularity of bikes, skateboarding, surfing, and anything else that allows the youth of today to break free of government mandated roads and public transit system and blaze their own paths across the land (and look good doing it too).


Who knows. I sincerely hope so because it is a way to cut down on pollutants, spend less on gas, stay in shape, AND make a statement – ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Who could ask for anything more (Toyyyota!).


Source by John Jacoby