If you have two or more bikes to store in your garage, then you may find a bicycle rack is the best choice to store your bikes safe and sound and out of the way.

Bicycle racks come in many varieties. The style you will see most often stack your bicycles one on top of the other so the bikes hang horizontally.

This leaves the upper bike about 5 feet off the ground and this could be a disadvantage if you have a child who needs to remove the upper bicycle. The lower bike will be only a few inches off the floor, making it easy to remove.

If you do not ride your bicycles often yet enjoy having them available for the occasions you do want to go for a ride, a bicycle rack is certainly a storage idea that you will want to consider.

There are different styles that fit different needs. Some racks are free standing meaning you do not have to attach them to your wall or to your garage ceiling. If you have a large space this can work well. Also, if you have cabinets that limit your wall space, a free standing bicycle rack may be useful.

There are other bike racks that attach to the wall of your garage or use a tension bar between the ceiling and floor and act as a "bike pole."

Another advantage is that you can find a good quality garage bike rack that holds 2 bikes for under $ 50. Those that hold up to four bikes will cost more.

If you have wall space or a larger garage and ride occasionally, then consider one of the many varieties of garage bike racks.


Source by Erin G Kelly