With a Family as large as mine is the rise in gas price was felt hard. One car and 4 kids makes for a lot of time on the road. I came to the conclusion that at $ 80 every 3 days to fill my now aging minivan it was time to supplement my driving.

As I work around 6 miles from my place of employment riding a bike is an option for me. I hopped on the new bike that I had pick and thought 6 miles piece of cake. Finding out that I was no longer in the shape I was at 16, some 15 years ago, i quickly realized that this was going to take some practice. The old saying is true you never really forget how to ride, however your body will hate you for not staying with it. Sadly I only made two and a half mile of my 6 mile journey home before I had to give into the "jello" feeling growing in my legs.

There is another old saying that I must use here and it is "Practice makes perfect". One of the best things that has happened as a result of my new found interest is my whole family is riding together. Not only getting good exercise but family quality time as well. I must admit that seeing my 8 year old zoom past me turn around and have time to come back before I make it to the end of the block has made one thing clear in my head, I will practice and get back to my riding shape once more.


Source by Mike Burright