Gold pocket bikes are extremely cool and popular but for some reason it can be difficult to find gold pocket bikes. With a little time and work you can paint your pocket bike gold.

Gold pocket bikes are gorgeous and even more striking than pocket bikes of other colors.

1.Start your painting project by removing everything from your frame. You will need to remember where every part came from.

2.Purchase some 80 grit sand paper; you will need two to three packages depending on the size of your bike frame.

3.Sand the frame just until the shine is gone. You do not want to remove too much of the finish.

4.Wash the frame with soap and water. Dry the frame and wait at least an hour before the next step.

5.You will need one can of automatic paint primer, one can of gold automotive spray paint and one can of automatic spray clear coat.

6.Use the primer first and wait for it to dry. Add four to five more coats of primer, waiting the allotted time between coats.

7.Wait at least one day and then sand very lightly. Remove any dust.

The next step is the paint. Apply in the same way as you did the primer.

8.Wait another day and apply the clear coat the same way. Be sure to allow appropriate drying time.

9.After 24 to 48 hours you can reassemble the bike.

Gold pocket bikes are totally fantastic when painted in this manner. Impress your pocket bike fellow riders with a newly painted bike.


Source by Tim Bock