The GolfBoard CourseBoard is a stand-up golf cart designed to be ridden like a skateboard by one person, offers forward and reverse mode. Dual speed setting of 5 mph and 10 mph matches traditional carts, 25+ mile range and quick-charging capability, all-wheel drive motor systems reduce course wear and can scale 30+ degree grades. Automatic regenerative braking ensures smooth deceleration without skidding, safety brake initiates the whenever cart is stopped so it won’t roll away, keyed for fleet management, integrated replaceable bumpers. Requires much more energy, effort and flexibility to operate than a traditional cart (but it’s also way more fun), costs about as much as a traditional two person electric golf cart

Weighing in at ~115 pounds the GolfBoard is designed to be a stable but fun platform for getting around while golfing. It’s an all wheel drive vehicle that’s made an manufactured in the USA that’s usually leased to golf courses but can also be purchased directly for $6,500. It offers forward and reverse with speeds ranging from 5 to 10 miles per hour. It offers regeneration and uses Lithium-ion batteries that are long lasting and sturdy. The GolfBoard offers up to 4,000 watts for amazing climbing ability (I saw it ascend a 30 degree grade!) the voltage is 48 volts with 29 amp hours. The board felt very comfortable to me and offers suspension along with the extra large and wide tires. It has a 287 pound weight limit.