Electric mopeds are not powered by a gas engine, but with a motor powered by electric batteries. And are powered by an electric motor and offer those who are environmentally conscious a good source of alternative transportation. Electric mopeds are great to have and many people love to use them when trying to save on gas and the environment. Green Electric go peds are designed to carry a maximum rider weight of 220 lbs. Electric mopeds are silent, can travel up to 50 kilometer and can be recharged using a domestic power point. All Electric Mopeds are street legal, running from over 40 to over 60mph depending on model. Today, green electric scooters are just as powerful as their gasoline-powered counterparts, with the added advantage of being basically silent, clean green machines that can plug into a standard electrical socket to recharge.


Electric mopeds can cost more than gas mopeds, but they can also be a great investment since they do not require gas. Modern History The popularity of mopeds has been historically boosted by the ever-rising cost of gasoline. If you live in a large city, parking fees will push your vehicle costs even higher. Green Electric mopeds are even cheaper than a gas powered one, some costing as little as $ 700. Electric Scooters have a low maintenance cost and less maintenance as compared to gas scooters and gas vehicles. The fuel costs for electric power are approximately 25% the cost of gasoline power (US, mid-2008). Batteries may also need to be replaced every 3-5 years, the costs of which need to be considered. A distance of few miles with a green moped scooter will cost you around $ 2 while a large car will charge $ 100 for the same distance1 year ago. And if you have a 15 mile commute, an electric moped will save you about $ 1000 per year on fuel costs just for that commute as compared to a 28 mpg car.


They are environmentally friendly, easy to operate, and easy and cheap to refuel. Green Electric mopeds are relatively inexpensive and they do not need gas so they are cheaper and have less of an impact on the environment. Rising gas prices and environment conscious travelers have combined to boost the popularity. Green Electric mobility scooters are great because there is no noise or pollution to the environment.

Green Electric mopeds are great to have and many people love to use them when trying to save on gas. And are the best solution to stop cars from polluting and destroying our local and global environment. You can also feel safe knowing that electric scooters and electric gopeds are better for everyone, because no one has to breathe in gas fumes. We believe that right now electric mopeds are the better selection. Because electric e peds are not powered by any type of fuel, they will not pollute the air with carbon emissions which is detrimental to our environment. All of our green electric motor scooters are DOT certified Motor Vehicles. These funky "Mod" style electric motor scooters are endless fun.


Source by Alejandro Chacon