Electric bicycles also do not emit noise, so it does not contribute to the noise pollution of the usual urban living as we know it. Given these benefits and advantages of an electric bike, I am sure you are already very eager to buy one yourself. But before you do, it is good to know what you'll need to consider in purchasing a high quality electric bike.

First on the list of things to look for is the electric bike battery. There are many kinds of battery out there in the market but the most commonly used is the Lithium Ion (Li-On) battery because it lasts longer, charge faster, is lighter and maintenance free. These types of batteries are also the ones common in laptops and mobile phones, so basically, it works the same way.

Next to look out for the electric hub motor, the frame, and the spokes. Make sure that the hub motors work perfectly, and the wirings or connections from the battery to the motor should not be too complicated – if you assembled it erroneously, you might damage your electric bicycle. The frame should also be light and sturdy, and the spokes on the wheel should also be stronger than the thin spokes on an ordinary bicycle. Keep in mind that if the spokes are not strong enough, they could bend or buckle from the torque produced by the electric hub motor.

Finally, look for an electric bike that has good brakes. You certainly would not want to have your newly purchased electric bike go crashing down the hill, would you? More so, it would be for your own safety to check the brakes and make sure they are perfectly working. Now that you already have some basic points, it would not be hard to look for a brand and style – better look for an electric bicycle that has a good reputation. That way, you will never go wrong with your choice.


Source by Christopher Abrams