Even for normal people, it is a little harder if you will travel with heavy load using a bike and goes up and down a hill. Thus, in recent years, electric bikes are gaining popularity for being a better option than an ordinary bike.

There are four main parts of an electric bicycle – the battery, the electric hub motor, a durable frame and spokes, and the brakes. Among the four, the most important is the electric bike battery.

To put it simply, electric bicycles are bikes powered by batteries. This battery is connected to the main parts of the bike that needs power – typically the pedal, the hub motor, the brakes and optionally a head and/or tail light so you can travel safer at night.

Batteries contain all the power that will make your electric bicycle move. In basic concept, you can use any kind of battery on a bicycle to make it move. However if you will consider the size, weight, durability, and how your battery stores power, you can make your bike move faster.

Most popular electric bike battery nowadays is the lithium ion battery, because it is small, light weight, and easily rechargeable. This battery is also the type we use on laptop, mobile phones, and in almost any electric gadgets there are in the market.

Electric bike batteries are what make an electric bicycle unique from an ordinary bike. The handicapped or elderly can manage a bike with this kind of modern revolutionary way of travelling, and to travel with a bike; even if you’re carrying heavy loads will not be such a problem anymore.

At the same time, it is still cheaper than buying a car or a motorcycle, more economical since it uses electricity instead of gasoline, convenient too because you don’t have to pedal and it will still move at a safe speed. There’s no doubt that the world would be a far cleaner and healthier place if more and more people uses electric bike battery and turn their bikes into electric bikes.


Source by Christopher Abrams