The reason of electric bicycles becoming popular is the high efficiency that it brings. Electric bikes are easy to ride and without fuel it causes less pollution than gas bicycles do. As a result of the convenience of installing ones normal bike into a stylish electric bike, the market of electric bike conversion kit turn flourishing and competitions among merchants heats up. Sales of electric bikes have spun into high gear this year – some merchants like Amazon are reporting a 6000% increase this summer from last year. This is good news, because, for short trips, the efficiency and convenience of electric bikes is hard to beat. But this also leads to a embarrassing situation that many cheap kits flood the market and bring about vicious competitions.

In that case as customers, we will have to be aware of the change and distinguishing between cheap kits and better ones within a certain price range. But how? Merchants like eBay provides many of choices of electric bike conversion kits or engine powered ones but the options are diverse so that it is comparatively heterosome searching the most pleasant without any consult or guideline. To solve this problem, first we need to know what equipment we want.

The most ordinary way is buying a conversion kit which includes everything you need for assembling. A good conversion kit should contain a powerful motor, wheels that fit the motor, battery charger, brake pullers, electric controller, thumb gear changer, battery power indicator, handlebar grips and connecting harness. All the best electric bicycle motor kits also come with easy-to-follow installation instructions and a carrying bag.


Source by Isabella Chan