If you like riding your bike then you know it's hard to ride without the best accessories. Especially when you know a lot of the best accessories out there are for safety as well.

The one bike accessory that you will always need to wear and own is the bike helmet. A lot of states have made riding without one illegal. So you should wear one anyways to be on the safe side.

Also when you are taking a little bike trip on the road you need to be a motorist friendly. Even though a lot of drivers are good ones there are bad and you are also on a bike. Accidents happen and you can not stop them so do the right thing and just wear a helmet.

Another thing that is bad to do when riding your bike is to take a ride at night. The best thing that you can do to protect yourself if you are going to ride at night is to buy some type of light source or reflectors for you and your bike. So people can see you at night when you ride.

Something else you can buy is reflector striped shirts or pants possibly. So when you ride at night when you move your legs and arms the reflectors will shine off the lights of the cars and you will be seen and not road kill. You can probably buy any type of light or reflector source at any bike shops near you.

Another accessory that you can add to your bike can be lights to the handle bars or to the back of your seat to shine and show others you're on the road too. When you get rained on or you are going on an early morning ride and there is fog lights it will help you in some way. Some you can buy can be attached to where they can not ever come off others you can get that are detachable and you can bring with you where ever you go.

The other good bike accessory to have is a horn. This is so if some bad driver is swerving you can honk. I would recommend and air horn of some type something that is really loud and will get the attention of the driver.

Bike accessories can be a very good way to upgrade your bike. There are also the things that you will need anyways to ride like mentioned the reflectors, lights, light clothing as well will always help, and remember to wear your helmet. These are the things that you need to buy and remember to do when you go riding whether it be at night or during the day.


Source by Gregg Hall