If you are a bike enthusiast then you are going to have to take your safety to the next level. You should know that in order for you to minimize the risk of injury, you should consider purchasing reliable bike lights for yourself. Not only is it a good way to spruce up your accessories, it is also a logical thing to have if you do not want to get into accidents when you bike at night. As much as possible, try to avoid obstacles such as rocks, various debris, and road cracks with proper lighting.

You should know that the first designs of bike lights came in different forms. Acetylene gas was the first known light to be used but did not last very long. Perhaps you can say that the 1890's revolutionized the use of these accessories when the lead acid battery was invented. They were known to last longer and required less maintenance but were soon replaced with the invention of dry cell batteries. There are those that utilized the movement of the bike and used to power light with the use of innovative Dynamos.

Technology today has paved the way for better batteries that allow the user to save on cost while enjoying efficient lighting. Today, alkaline batteries are the most popular ones that most bikers use to power their bike lights. Rechargeable batteries are also good to use if you want to fully maximize the cost and efficiency of your bike accessories.

Before purchasing your bike lights, you should know that they usually go for $ 10 – $ 300. Depending on your preference and demand from these lights, you should consider the type of bulb that is used, the effective range of the light, quality, mounting, and reliable battery life.

You can choose from different lights depending on how you use your bike. Perhaps it is best to use Tungsten Filament Lamps if you know you are going to bike in well-lit roads. One the other hand, it is better to use High Intensity Discharge lights on roads that are known to be dark and desolate.

Most bikers would say that the best way to properly illuminate your sight is to avail of helmet lights that can be mounted on your head. The advantage of using these lights is that you will be able to see anything where your head is directed. This means that you can easily see traffic signs and road crossings clearly.


Source by Dawn Robinson