If you want to know how to do skateboarding tricks then step right this way and we will give you a few tips on how you can become an expert skateboarding trickster!

OK, well if you are just starting out skateboarding the key is not to get too far ahead of yourself. You have got to learn the basics first, and have them so they feel like second nature to you, before you attempt any intricate tricks.

Skateboarding is a discipline that you have to learn, you gotta get your technique nice and tight so that you are in control of the board at all times. The board should almost feel like an extension of your feet, and of course this does take time.

So you have to put some hours in to get into that zone where your body and your wheels are working in perfect co-regulation. Then you look at how to do skateboarding tricks.

Starting from scratch, work on getting your balance on the board. Stand on the stationary board and see how long you can keep your balance. Then push off with you back foot and step on and see how far you can roll along before you come off.

Practice jumping on the board and keeping your balance. Keep pushing your board to go a little faster each time, as you will find you can often keep your balance better the faster you are moving.

Try different positions on the board and see which feels the easiest for you. Bend your knees and your body forward to help with your balance and increase the speed. Then try to slant your body and feet to one edge so as to curve your skateboard.

When you get down to how to do skateboarding tricks the first one you should learn is the ollie as this is the basis for many skateboarding tricks. This involves flipping the skateboard up from the back and jumping up and controlling the front with the other foot.

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Source by Des Ingham