If you are looking for a new dirt bike then you have quite a few options. Probably the easiest and most convenient way is to look through the local ad paper. There is usually an off road dirt bikes for sale section and there are very often a few bargains to be found. If you go this route than at least you know that the bikes are in your local area and you will not have to go far to see them. It can be very frustrating if you go a long way to see a bike and it is not as good as you expected it to be. But if you stick to the advertising section in your local newspaper, then you may have to wait to find what you want, but at least it will be closer to your location.

Of course, there are other ways to find the bike that you want. There are some great online sites that have a part that has off road dirt bikes for sale. One of the most popular sites that carry classified ads is craigslist. They have the advantage of having a lot of local sites, so you should be able to find one that is near you.

The best known of the online sales sites is eBay. They have a large bikes section and they usually have quite a few off road dirt bikes for sale. The real advantage of eBay is that it is not just another sales site instead it is an auction. This means that you can get a real bargain if you are lucky. There are people who have managed to buy cars for $ 1 just because the seller did not put a reserve on the car and nobody else bid on it. You need a bit of patience to find a real bargain, but there is usually a good selection of bikes there.

Another good way to find some off road dirt bikes for sale at good prices is to ask around at your local dirt bike store. They get trade in's when people buy new bikes and if they are a store that is mainly in the new market then they will usually get these at auction. If you let them know that you are looking for something cheap then they might have something. There are a lot of different ways to get a cheap off road dirt bike but you need to try a few different sites to get the one that you want.


Source by Tim Gorman