If, like most people, you stay in an urban or suburban area, an electric bicycle can become a helpful and fun part of your lifestyle. That's because electric bikes are energy-efficient, convenient, and enjoyable.

For most people, life in the city means a lot of short driving trips – to buy groceries, pick up a prescription, drop off the dry cleaning, rent a video, and go to and from work. All of those short trips add up to dollars in gas and automobile wear and tear, as well as time spent behind the wheel on congested streets.

An electric bicycle, however, runs not on fossil fuels, but on electricity. The bicycle, powered by a small electric motor with a rechargeable battery, can travel ranges of 10-40 miles between charges and reach speeds of up to 20 mph. This means big savings at the gas pump.

For people who are trying to adjust their lifestyle to be friendlier to the environment, an electric bike is a great idea. Because the bike runs on electricity instead of gasoline, it does not emit pollutants that contain greenhouse gases and contribute to global climate change. With an electric bicycle, your "carbon foot print" will be far less noticeable.

The bike's size and maneuverability means less time on crowded streets. With an electric bicycle, you can travel on bike lanes and pathways.

There's no need to worry about physical exertion, reaching your destination soaked in sweat after a couple of miles of pedaling. The motor of an electric bicycle, while designed as a pedal assist, takes all the strain out of pedaling. You'll be able to climb steep inclines on your electric bike with little or no effort.

If you enjoy time in the great outdoors, an electric bicycle is a perfect means of recreation. With this bike, you can take long rides around the neighborhood or through your favorite park. Because the electric motor does the work for you, you can make the ride as much of a workout as you want. With an electric bike, you can achieve your fitness goals without wearing yourself out in the process.

If you're fortunately enough not to have a long commute to work, your electric bicycle will provide a relaxing ride to and from the office. Plus, because the electric motor takes the work out of pedaling, you can ride in business clothes without fear of showing up sweaty and looking unprofessional – an option you do not have with a conventional, pedal-driven bicycle.

Electric bikes range in models and prices, so there is likely to be one for any budget and lifestyle. For owners of conventional bicycles, a variety of conversion kits exist to help them take their bicycles into the new era and enjoy all the benefits of electric bicycling.


Source by Delbert Laird