During our Sunday ride with my pal Christos, we have realized that we did not have any spare tubes with us. We have decided to take our chances, and not cancel the training session. Unfortunately, that was not our day. He had a puncture and I went 3 km ahead until I remembered that he had no spare or tools with him, except a pump. So I turn the bike around and started cycling to his direction, thinking of what we should do, without a spare tube.

By the time I went back, everything was fixed. Here is how:

Another cyclist, (which was our national coach for young kids in cycling as he said) stopped and fixed it with this simple but very clever method:
1. He took the wheel and the tire off the bike, using only his hands.
2. He put some air in the wheel, just to see where the hole was. (The only tool he used was a small pump, as a mention).
3. He cut the tire using his teeth, exactly at the point where the hole was.
4. He tied the tire firmly, using a simple knot.
5. He put the tire back, put air inside, and amazingly the tire was OK for the rest of our ride, probably around 30 km more.

The interesting part was that, as the man told Chris, the tire will continue to work properly for a long time after that.
Actually, hours after we went back, the tire is still ok, but since we have a race next week, just to be sure Chris will insert a new one.
I am into triathlon and cycling for more than 20 years and I have never heard or seen a trick like this before. That was the time I realized that there are so many little (or bigger) secrets, tips, tricks in this sport that can blow our mind away. And I also realized that I have a lot more to learn. Actually, those kind of tricks can be learned only during a ride, with the hard way most of the times. There are so many people, like us today, that start their training without their tire repair kit. And there are some people that do not even know how to fix a tire, even if they have a tire repair kit with them. So this simple trick can save you from unnecessary troubles someday. This unknown man, with this very clever trick shows us that life is so simple sometimes; It's just a matter of mentality.


Source by Christos Christou