You can make short work of installing that new bicycle tire. There is an easier 5-minute process of installing new tires. This will come handy when you are in a race and you need to keep up.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can install that new tire in your bicycle:

Step 1: You can flip the bike upside down by letting it stand on its handlebars and use the seat to support it. Get a wrench and remove the bolts that secure the wheel to the bicycle. By flipping the bicycle, you can easily remove it.

There are also some bikes that are not attached with bolts. These are called QR or Quick Release wheels. You just need to pull the lever and then loosen the nut until the whole wheel is released.

Step 2: The next thing you need to do is to deflate the tire. Prick the valve core found in the tire using any small object. It will be easier to remove the tire from the rim if you have already deflated it.

Step 3: Using a small screwdriver, pry the tire away from the rim. Slowly insert the screwdriver between the tire and the rim and then work your way up until you have pried most of the tire loose. This way you can now remove the tire off the rim.

Step 4: Once you have done so, you can now install a new tire. Just put the new or old inner tube in the new tire and then insert the new tire in the rim. Insert it using the screwdriver again. Efficiently work your way until you have inserted all parts of the tire. Make sure you insert the stem of the new tire first in the hole in the rim.

Step 5: Put the wheel back to the bicycle again. If it has bolts, use a wrench to secure the tire to the bicycle. If it uses Quick Release mechanisms, hold the tire with one hand and secure it to the bicycle using the lever.

Step 6: Flip the bicycle upright again until the tire is once again on the ground. Using an air pressure gauge, inflate the tire to the right level. Make sure you are not inflating it too much.

So here is a quick way way for you to replace that tire. Remember these steps when you need to change your bike tires.


Source by Alan Cassidy