Before I start even teaching you this trick I first have to say that this is by far the most important trick in Skateboarding! Without properly knowing this you won’t be able to do 99% of all other skateboard tricks. That being said make sure you practice this trick the most out of any trick you learn here. I promise you that if you master the ollie first everything else will come to you one hundred times easier. All right enough with the mumbo jumbo…

Step 1. Get on your skateboard and put one foot on the tail and your other foot just below the truck bolts towards the nose of the board. It makes it easy if you start trying this trick stationary and then as you get better and better at it start to do it while moving.

Step 2. Make sure you now have good balance in the ollie position, and now apply pressure to the tail of your skateboard while shifting your weight from your front foot to your back foot.

Step 3. As you do this your board will go to a 45ish degree angle, and if you pop it hard enough your back wheels should start to get off the ground.

Step 4. Now to your going to want to straighten out your board by sliding your front foot, that started off below the top truck bolts, to the top of the skateboard (the nose). As you do this you are going to want to shift your weight back towards your front foot, not too much almost back to the balance you had on the ground.

Tip. The past two steps are the hardest part of the ollie, the key is to get the timing as precise as possible. Lots of people will end up sliding their foot up too quickly before they have even got their back trucks off the ground. Just remember keep practising and practising and keep the timing of all these steps in your head. Timing is key!

Step 5. By now you should start to be getting in the air, you now want to suck up your legs as close to your body as possible while staying on top of the skateboard and keep your shoulders square with it.

Step 6. The next thing you know you’ll be heading to the ground, make sure you straighten your legs back out (not to the point where their perfectly straight, OUCH!) and keep your shoulders straight.

Step 7. For Landing you want to come down and take the impact with your knees by bending them as you hit the ground keep your arms slightly out for good balance

Step 8. Roll away with a smile on because you just learned how to ollie…the most important skateboarding trick out there!

Step 9. Practice, practice and practice some more!


Source by Keith Bradford