One thing that some cyclists do are longer bike rides. These might be multi day trips or one really long ride of a hundred miles or more. These are not things that can be done without a little bit of preparation and training first.

One thing that you might have to start working on right now is getting back into shape. This means that you can start training on your bike or through other methods so that you can get ready to do physical activities again.

You need to start building up your endurance through other exercises. The longer bike ride will require long endurance that you can not get unless you work for it. This is something that you might need more than a few months to properly prepare for.

Start getting your bike ready and back into shape. You might need a new seat that you can sit on for long hours. Look for handles that have multiple positions as you will get tired of just one grip after being on a bike for many hours in a row.

Find some local trainer rides. Many times local bicycle clubs will have trainer rides for people getting ready for the next big bike trip. These will be things that can be done in just one day gradually building up speed and distance so that you can be ready for a longer ride.

When you do these rides, you will find out that you have some problems with your bike or body. Adjust things so that you can prevent pain and get better at riding on a longer ride.

Get together your gear for your trip. Sometimes on multi day rides you have the equipment that is attached to the bike. Get used to riding with the extra weight and gear on so that you will be used to a heavier bicycle.


Source by Ava Connor