If your in the market for a mobility scooter than you should consider looking into getting one for free or low cost to you. This is very possible with insurance carriers and Medicare. There are some requirements that must be met in order for your insurance carrier or Medicare to cover the cost of your power wheelchair or electric scooter.

Your doctor must recommend that you need a mobility scooter. This will help in the decision with Medicare. Medicare may cover 80% of the cost if your doctor recommends that you could benefit from the use of a power wheelchair. Your secondary insurance carrier will usually cover the balance of the cost. However in order for Medicare to cover 80% they must be your primary insurance carrier. If you have another insurance carrier as your primary you may have to file a claim with them and wait until you are reimbursed. Then file a claim with Medicare to cover the remaining cost.

Consulting with your doctor will help you decide if your insurance carrier will help you purchase a new power wheelchair. Some companies that specialize in power scooters usually have a specialist on hand that will walk you through the process. They may even offer to check if the Medicare or your insurance company will pay for the entire cost of the power chair. Just give them a call and explain to them your condition and situation that they are sure to have a program in place that will assist you in getting a free or low cost power chair.

Whatever your situation or condition if you are having trouble moving around then you will benefit from the use of a power chair so they are worth looking at. Anything that might improve your ability to get around your home or surroundings will improve you quality of life. Using your insurance company or Medicare to help you achieve your goal of mobility is a great idea and a smart one at that. Some patients are related to calling their insurance companies due to the fear of getting told no. Well, this really does not happen as often as some might think. Insurance reps are there to help you and are eager to answer any questions you might have when it comes to your coverage. They can also tell you if you qualify for a free or low cost mobility scooter.


Source by David T Lee