Although we have our cars and motorcycles, there is nothing like going on an early morning ride on our bicycle or a relaxing ride in the evening. If our bicycle needs some minor repairs and replacements, we can easily do it ourselves, as they are often not very complicated. One such thing is replacing the handlebar stem. In normal circumstances when the bolts are in good condition, it should take you less then 15 minutes to remove the old handlebar stem and to replace the new one.

Here are some step-by-step instructions and tips to replace your handlebar stem:

1. First of all, you must buy the right stem for your requirement. You can get stems of varied lengths and they range between 35 and 135 millimeters. While buying the stem for your handlebars you must go with the right measurement of your steer tube so that you do not have to run for an exchange.

2. Remove the headset's top cap.

3. Removing the pre load bolt, this is a 4-millimeter bolt. The pre load bolt is what helps you in adjusting the headset.

4. You will find totally 5 five millimeter bolts that fasten the faceplate to the steer tube. There are four in front and one at the back of the faceplate.

5. Remove the four bolts that are in front first and loosen the one at the back.

6. Remember to keep all the bolts, headset top cap all in one place because you do not want to start hunting for those and spend 40 minutes in the search whereas it would take hard 15 minutes to replace the entire stem. Never overlook this point.

7. Once you have removed all the bolts, you just need to pull off the handlebar stem off the steer tube. While pulling it off, you will be able to pull it out easily if you do not pull it at an angle but at 180 degrees to the steer tube.

8. Once you have removed the old handlebar stem, you need to fix the new handlebar stem. While fixing the new handlebar stem start with the bolt at the back first. This will keep the handlebar stem in place as you fix the handlebar to the handlebar stem.

9. Place the handlebar in position and place the faceplate aligning the holes properly so that the bolts can get into them without any difficulty.

10. Some of the handlebars come with markings for perfect adjustments. So pay attention to those markings.

11. After placing the handlebar in position start tightening the 4 five millimeter bolts on the faceplate. While tightening you should remember not to tighten each bolt all the way, before you tightened the next one. All the four bolts should be tightened even to avoid problems later. Normally the diagonally opposite bolts are tightened in alternating pattern. This something, which you should not overlooked.

12. Now recheck whether your handlebar positioning requires any minor adjustments and do the necessary adjustments before you tighten all the four bolts completely. After adjusting, tighten the pre load bolt and replace the headset cap.


Source by A. Pens