We are all starting to hear about wave and caster boarding which is a new form of skateboarding. But compared to skateboarding with this you need to learn a whole new set of techniques if you want to ride yours correctly. As you will soon discover these boards have been specifically designed so they can contain the same attributes that you will find in skateboards, snowboards and surfboards. But in this article we will be showing you how to ride your caster board including the Ripstik model much more more effectively.

Step 1

You will need to learn how to move your feet on the board correctly in order to propel you and the board along. It is important that you learn to move each of your hips by themselves in a twisting motion. If you think about the dance the twist then this is the type of motion you should be getting your hips to carry out. But as you twist your hips you should then be moving your feet so that they respond to the up and down motion that is being caused as your hips twist.

It is best that before you actually start riding your board that you practice this motion a few times while still on level ground. It is best if you try this for about 10 minutes in order that you get a real feel for how your hips and feet should be moving before you actually beginning riding the board.

Step 2

Get on your protective gear and then place your board on a pavement which has a very low down slope to it. If your left leg is more dominant than your right one then this is the one that you should lead off with and if it is your right then lead off with this. Now once you have your feet placed on each platform of the board you will now need to start carrying out the consistent motion that you have practiced in step 1 above. Then after a while you will find that you have reached a certain speed and no longer will you need to move your legs as much in order to keep the momentum going.

It is important that when learning to use any kind of caster board such as the Ripstik that you practice as much on level ground as possible just so that you can learn how to effectively twist your body to get the motion and momentum going properly. Then as you begin to gain confidence in your abilities then you can start to learn new and different things.


Source by Tom Cruz