I'm pretty sure that if you're reading this, you or somebody you know wants to learn how to skateboard, beginners probably, but I'm sure you fit into one of these 3 options.

1. You're thinking about learning how to skateboard because you've seen other people skateboarding on tv, or just around town and it looks like a blast. People who skateboard are usually fun and sometimes crazy people! You want to be one of those skateboarders who can have a blast wherever you go! You're looking around for tips and tricks to help you learn how to skateboard.

2. You have just picked up skateboarding, you're riding around a bit, getting the feel for it, maybe doing a small ollie here and there and not doing very well at learning skateboarding tricks. For beginners this can be one of the most frustrating parts of the whole skateboarding sport. So you're looking around for tips about how to ollie higher, how to turn better, or trying to learn a couple tricks to add to your boarding resume. Maybe looking for kickflip tips, wishing you knew how to shove it right now.

3. You've been skating for a while now but really want to up your ante. You have a couple flip tricks down, maybe you have the ollie down pretty good and your're getting some air, doing some tricks, but you're out looking for ways you can make increase you're skateboarding skills so you can land your tricks 90% of the time instead of 1 out of 10. You want to get a little bit fancier with your tricks but are not sure where to learn it, or how to do it the right way. You want to land all your tricks like the pros and really show off around town.

I have been in all three of these options, which is why I created this resource, I built a website to help you get on your board and have some SERIOUS FUN. I will show you a couple SECRETS OF SKATEBOARDING that you must get down pat before you can really start skating and having some real fun. You'll go from being in one of these 3 categories, to impressing your friends and taking complete control of your board in no time. Just a quick glimpse, 3 of the main secrets many people do not know are these.

1. Proper Foot placement. Without this you'll never get your board off the ground, or at least you want land on it.

2. Maintaining the correct balance on your board before executing a trick. Without this learning how to skateboard for beginners and advanced alike, you're board will never do anything more than come off the ground. You want your board to do what you want it to, but that works both ways, your board will always do what it wants to do. Where's the balance?

3. Where and how hard to pop or push your board. Once you pop your board or get it off the ground, you want it to flip, spin, or rotate exactly as you tell it too right? Well how exactly do you tell it how to 360 ollie, or tell your board how to kickflip.

The bottom line is you have to learn how the EXACT WAY of tiling your board what to do. You can want your board to flip and land on its wheels with you on top and still riding, but until you learn how to build that exactly relationship with your skateboard, you will not land your skateboarding tricks 90% of the time like a pro. THIS IS A SCIENCE. Learning this science will put you at the top of your game.


Source by Adam D Roy