Being a parent is part fun and part teaching. You teach your child almost everything starting from walking to talking and asking for a raise in pocket money and everything in between. Somewhere in the initial start of a lifelong training program comes the bicycle riding lessons.

Till that point, your kid has been on a three wheeler or a four wheeler cart, where there is no problem of maintaining his balance, but once he or she grows up to a size and age where they out grow the tricycle it is time for them to learn the art of balancing. Some kids just do not want to do it while others quickly learn. Do not be annoyed if your kid is not just trying. The fact is that there is a part of our brain that keeps our balance and in children it develops slowly at its own pace.

Do not lose your patience and let your child practice with support wheels till the time he or she starts having confidence and is able to increase its speed. With speed comes balance. They will be able to able to balance the bike for a few seconds initially and then again go back putting the weight on the support wheels. Do not worry this with time will gradually increase in maintaining their balance for longer time.

Another fact is that kids learn from kids more than than parents. If you have an older kid or there are older kids in the neighborhood, let your child go out with them on his bike. In the spirit of competition your child will learn faster and in a few days would be asking you to remove the training wheels.

Remember, as a parent your responsibility never finishes till you have properly ensured your child's safety. I can not stress enough on that aspect in this article, but always ensure that your child is safety conscious and is properly protected when going out on his bike.


Source by Paul Kramer