Many first time parents are always scared of the first time they have to teach their kid to bike. It can be a very stressful situation as you don’t want your child to fall or fail. You also might doubt yourself in knowing exactly what to do. You can’t even remember how you learnt! Don’t worry. These three tricks will help your kid to bike in no time, while making sure that they’re safe and happy.

  1. Use a balance bike
  2. Balance bikes are the new kids on the block when it comes to kids’ bicycles. They’re kid’s bikes without any pedals or other clutter. How do they work? A kid pushes themselves until they can glide on the bicycle. The balance bike tries to focus on teaching your child how to balance. When they don’t have to worry about pedaling, the whole process becomes much easier. Children, who first used balance bikes, were much more likely to move onto a bike with pedals without any hassles or fuss.

  3. Don’t expect no bruises or bumps
  4. A parent always wants their child to be perfect at something. This simply can’t happen. Don’t expect that your child won’t fall and and hurt themselves. If your child does fall and hurt himself or herself, don’t make a big deal out of it. Sometimes children like to make a bigger deal of small bumps and bruises then they actually are. Try to instill the thought pattern to your child that when they fall down, they should always get up again. If they fall down, try and soothe them. Don’t force them to get onto the bike again (if they’re exceptionally against it).

  5. A well-equipped child is a safe child
  6. We understand that purchasing extra equipment for your child is an additional burden but don’t look at it as a waste of money. You’re investing in equipment that will help keep your child safe and hopefully bruise-free. Make sure that you purchase a helmet, knee pads and elbow guards for your child. The most common places for injuries, cuts or bruises are on the elbow and knees. So these areas are a must-have protection place for children.

If you use these three tips, teaching your child how to bike should be an absolute breeze. Just remember to make the process as fun and entertaining as possible. Children’s biking is extremely healthy and fun for both the children and parents.


Source by Melanie R Thomas