So, finally you have got your first skateboard! Now, you must be wondering where to start, how to learn the art and master it! Do not worry; we have the right solution for you. Skateboarding is reliably easy and you will be able to learn it much faster than you think. Whether you want to learn to skateboard for fun or you want to become a professional skater, you must begin with learning the basics.

Firstly, select the right skateboard and other protective gears. If you are trying to do tricks in your driveway, elbow pads might be a good idea, but you really only need knee pads if you are skating on a ramp, or trying some pretty crazy tricks. The first step towards learning skateboarding is to get the feel of the skateboard!

Now, the next important thing is balancing! Everyone knows that balance is the most serious step towards learning skateboarding. Place your board on the ground, and place your stronger foot on the back end of the board, which is the end that is slightly curved upwards. Place the other foot at the top end of the skateboard.

Now, practice going straight, keeping the front foot on the board and pushing the board with the back foot. Once you have got the hang of it, and feel like you are rolling along well enough, pick up your back foot and place it on the board. Learn to turn. For slight turns, you can simply lean to the side. However, for more drastic turns, you will have to push down on the back lip of the board with your back foot.

For stopping the board, simply try to lean back on the back lip of the board till it hits the ground. The front wheels will lift in the air and the back end will drag, thus causing the board to come to a stop.

Skateboarding is easy to learn and with time and practice, you will become proficient in this activity!


Source by George Hill