Electric scooters are a lot of fun for kids but just like bicycles, it is important to keep safety in mind. Most injuries on scooters are from falls. Younger riders may have underdeveloped coordination which can lead to a loss of balance. Younger children also have a higher center of gravity because of the larger proportion of their head. Both of these factors can contribute to the child falling from the scooter.

Riding surfaces can also contribute to injuries. Surfaces like gravel and sand could cause a rider of any age to fall if they are not careful.

Fortunately, death from scooter injuries is very rare. The most common injuries are bruises, scrapes, and the occasional broken bone. These are not fun and no parent would wish them on any child. The good news is that with the proper safety precautions, you can greatly reduce the chances of your child being injured on their electric scooter.


The most common safety accessory for both scooters and bicycles is a helmet. Helmets are an inexpensive way to protect your child's well-being and reduce the risk of the most serious injuries. Either a regular bicycle helmet or a multisport helmet can be worn for maximum protection. The most important thing when choosing a helmet is making sure it fits the child correctly. To assure the proper fit, use the "Eyes, Ears, Mouth" formula:

Eyes: The rim of the helmet should be one or two finger widths above the eyebrows.

Ears: The straps of the helmet should form a "V" benefit the ear lobe.

Mouth: The buckle on the strap should be flush against the underneath of the chin. When the rider opens their mouth they should feel the strap snug on their chin and the helmet should be hugging their head.


Safety padding is another good choice for easy protection. The most common pads are for the elbows and knees. Wrist pads are also available which will protect your child's wrist if they fall and try to catch themselves with their hands. Using these pads can greatly reduce or prevent injuries from falls.

Basic Coverage

An often overlooked aspect to protection is good coverage from regular clothing. Long sleeves and pants can prevent scrapes and cuts while closed toe shoes will protect your child's feet from injury.

Learning to Fall

An aspect to safety that most people do not think about is knowing how to fall correctly. Make sure your child knows that if they're losing their balance to crouch down to lower their center of gravity. Of course, falling into grass is much better than falling on concrete. And if the child is not wearing wrist pads, be sure they know not to try to catch themselves palm out as this can injure their wrists.

The final thing to keep in mind about electric scooter safety is just regular common sense. It may be impossible to totally avoid injuries as children grow up, but keeping these tips in mind will greatly reduce the possibility of injury as they enjoy their electric scooters.


Source by Karen Dresden