Looking on today’s economy, petrol is becoming dearer day by day and we can’t just bring down the price of petrol as it fully depends upon International markets. However, one can reduce the usage of petrol and bring down its demand so as to save money which could be utilized to buy food items and other basic necessities of life. Henceforth for traveling needs, instead of using car and scooter, try to use a bicycle wherever possible.

For shorter trips, bicycles are a great option as it also provides a good amount of exercise for your body but when it comes to longer trips, riding bicycle becomes tiresome. So to balance out, motorised bikes came into picture wherein riding is possible with manual paddling as well as without paddling in a motorised form. A motorised bike gives you the option to switch between the two modes of riding – i.e. manual and motorized forms.

Typically, an ordinary bicycle can be converted into a motorized bike by fitting a motor to it. These days, for converting your regular bike into a more powerful motorized bike, bicycle engine kits are available. You should have a 24 or 26 inch men’s bike that has a bicycle frame of V shape with a horizontal top tube with ample room to fit the engine easily. This will facilitate to convert your V frame bicycle into a motorized bike that will give you more power to easily commute on the busy streets.

There are good benefits of using these motorised bicycles. The main advantage is – it’s environmentally friendly as less fuel is used by it and so less amount of carbon monoxide is released on to the environment. In this way, you contribute to the planet’s health so that coming generations can breathe fresh air. The other benefits are – you don’t require insurance and no registration is needed nor do you require a license to drive a motorized bicycle. As these procedures are totally eliminated, you save on your money and time. Regardless of the traffic, you can just zip through the city streets and reach your destination on time. You can park your motorised bike just about anywhere quite easily. Considering these advantages, you should be using a motorised bike whenever possible. There are mainly two variants of fitting a bicycle engine kit – 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine kits respectively. 2 Stroke bike engines consume a little bit more fuel whereas 4 stroke bike engines are more fuel efficient.


Source by Bob Louis