Once you have decided that you want to bike with your child, you have the option of going with a bike seat or a bike trailer. In making this decision, one important factor that you should think about is how your bike is going to handle different depending on which you choose. If you are not an experienced biker, this is going to be an important factor in your decision. Experienced bikers may be better equipped to handle the extra weight of a seat or trailer.

Attaching a bike trailer or a mounted seat is going to affect the way you can handle and maneuver your bicycle. Your balance and ability to control the bicycle and steer it straight ahead may change from what you are used to riding by yourself.

You should also consider that you may not be able to bike in the same places that you have before. For example, you may not be able to bike down a narrow path with a trailer because the trailer is wider than the bicycle. You may not be able to ride on the shoulder of a road that has a lot of traffic if the shoulder is too narrow. If you have to pass through any tight area, you should pay attention to the trailer behind you because it may be too wide to get through without scraping up against something or getting stuck on something.

You ability to go up steep hills may also be changed because the trailer adds extra weight that you must push as you paddle uphill. This extra weight also builds up momentum as you speed up going down a hill, so you should be aware that braking at higher speeds may take longer due to the extra momentum. You may also have to avoid making sharp turns because they can cause the trailer to flip over.

Child seats also affect the way a bicycle handles, but in different ways than a bike trailer. Getting your child into the seat may be difficult because you do not want the bike to tip over. It is much easier to get your child in if you have someone to assist you. You should never leave a child in the seat if the bike is only being held up by a kickstand.

One of the main ways a child seat can affect the maneuverability while you are riding is that you can be thrown off balance and have a hard time keeping the bike upright and going straight A child is likely going to move around in the seat, and that can easily throw you off kilter and cause you to veer left or right without even realizing it. This is something that could potentially be dangerous if you are riding near traffic. You are also going to have to get used to how it feels to make turns with the child seat added on because the weight distribution will be different. Making turns is going t

Unlike bike trailers, bike seats will not really affect where you can take your bike. You should be able to fit anywhere that your bike could fit before.


Source by Terry Halbrook