Kids love to copy people – let's face it that's how you learn. One thing my kids are always on at me for are bikes, cars and quads. It certainly does not help the line of work I'm in! To get them started off safely I would always recommend getting them an electric ride on bike, scooter or car. The benefits are that they are much slower and lighter therefore the risks of injury are much lower. The other major benefit is they are silent so they will not annoy your neighbors or more importantly, you!

It amazes me the types of electric kids toys that are available and how realistic they look. Replica sports cars, scrabblers, road bikes, police bikes and quads you name it and they make them. Most of them operate on a simple electric motor run off a 12v battery which can easily be replaced as required. They come with a mains charger and the majority have solid tires so you will not have to keep mending punctures.

The only downside is that they really need hard surfaces to operate on for results so unless you have a large tarmac drive or patio for them to use them on then your furniture in your house may be in for some stick!

I would still recommend that even though these ride ons are electric that you still get your child to wear some safety equipment such as a cycle helmet that can easily be purchased from you local Halfords store.


Source by Adam Weaver