Here I am going to show you how to grip your brand new skateboard deck.

Firstly you will need certain items & tools to do the job. You will need:

1 New Deck.
1 Sheet of Grip-tape.
1 Large File.
1 Sharp blade.
1 Allen Key or Screwdriver (for making holes in grip tape).

You will also need a nice flat non-slip surface to do the job safely & to a good standard.

Next you need to take your new deck & remove any packaging making sure the deck is nice & clean, ready to receive the grip. Put your board onto your working area with the graphic face down on the surface. Take your sheet of grip & remove the backing to reveal the adhesive. Place the grip over the deck, but not touching, making sure that the grip is hanging over at both ends & both edges. Then holding the grip taught, stick it to the highest points of the nose & tail again making sure the grip is over hanging all of the edges. Now you can press down in the center of the board. Work your way from the middle toward the nose & tail pressing down the grip as you go. Make sure the grip tape is well stuck down with no air bubbles. Most grip has perforations or tiny holes to reduce this, even if you have an air bubble take your sharp blade & use the point of the sharp blade to make a small hole to release any air & press down.

Now that the grip-tape is applied to your board you are ready to trim off any excess. First you have to take your file & file the grip following the outer edge of the board. This will leave you with a white line following the contours of your deck. Do this a couple of times to give yourself a nice line to follow. Now, this is where you need to be careful, its time to trim the grip with your blade. Take your sharp blade & start at the tip of the nose or tail of the deck & cut the grip from the underside while pulling the blade slowly & carefully towards you following the white line you created with your file. You need to do this all the way around the board until the outer edge is nice & clean.

Almost done. Now you should have a pretty clean edge but it just needs finishing off. Take a piece of the discarded grip & use it to smooth the edge, using it like sandpaper. You should take a close look all around the edge of the grip making sure that it has stuck onto the deck properly. Once your happy that the grip is well stuck down & the edges are nicely finished, pick up your board & using something small enough like a screwdriver or allen key, push the tool through the truck bolt holes. Now your ready to assemble your new board.

Make: Make sure the grip-tape is not to cold as it will not stick properly. Try warming up the glue before you start.


Source by Will Wood