There are many people, young and old, with a desire to learn to skateboard. One of the problems with this though is trying to beat the fear that comes with falling as you do learn skateboarding. Let's face the facts skateboarding is a sport that comes with a huge learning curve and falling is one of the hazards. The truth be told I do not think anyone likes to walk away from a day of boarding armed with road rash all over their bodies. If you do you may be a bit masochistic.

I believe that most people are scared when they first start off skateboarding and many long time skateboarders are still scared when the do some of their harder tricks and spins. You are not alone. However as you learn to skateboard you can beat the fear. Here are a few simple suggestions that will help you.

  • Wear a helmet. Do not worry if it looks a little dorky so what. Invest in a cool looking one of a kind helmet. In fact customize it yourself and make it unique to you. I could even become your trademark when you go pro. A helmet will not only give up some of your fear but it will keep you brains intact a lot longer.
  • Wear elbow and knee pads. Yes, I know all those cool guys down at the skateboarding park do not wear them. Big deal take a look at their elbows and knees to see what you are in for if you do not wear them. I just recently had both my inside knees completely replaced and I can tell you it is no fun at all and keeps me off my deck.
  • Wear some decent fingerless leather gloves . Sliding on the palms hurts and I can guarantee that. And not only does it hurt short term I have had pieces of gravel pop to the surface years later. A pair of good leather, maybe even padded, gloves will do wonders as you learn to skateboard and beat the fear.

Just by doing these three things it should help eliminate some of your fear about getting hurt. One of the things you need to remember is that the fear of getting hurt is a normal fear. It is a built in thing to help keep us standing and living longer. Oh and by the way if that "pro" down at the park says he is never afraid when he skates do not believe him he is most likely trying to build himself up because being afraid of falling is a normal thing. It is normal for the experienced and those who want to learn to skateboard.

As I have already said there is a huge learning curve with skateboarding so falling comes along with the sport. Count on it you will fall and it will hurt. But if you are padded up it will not take near as long to heal and in fact you will most likely continue to ride and learn to skateboard. To get good in any sport, including skateboarding, you need to get your mind wrapped around the sport. Getting the correct mental status will help you over come the fear of getting hurt as you learn how to do the ollie or heelflip.


Source by Stan Minder