Mountain biking is a great way to get outside, enjoy the great outdoors, take in some beautiful scenery and get a good workout as well. If you think that mountain biking looks like the sport for you, you may be wondering where to start. The best idea is to try a local mountain bike school for beginners, but here are some other tips to get you started on this fun and active hobby.

Make sure you have a helmet. As much fun as mountain biking is, it can be a dangerous sport, and protection should be your first concern. Choose a helmet that fits properly and that you can fasten easily. Other safety gear such as sunscreen and a good water bottle should also be on your list of things to get before starting.

Start small. As much as you may want to tackle those huge mountains right off of the bat, you need to practice. So search out local beginner courses online in your area. You'll find some of varying degrees of difficulty, and you can practice your technique before heading out to those tough trails.

Make sure your bike is in good repair. Mountain biking can take a toll on your bike. Make sure it's in good shape long before you hit the mountain. You do not want any unforeseen repairs or breakdowns to happen while out on the course. Keep a small tool kit on board with your or in your backpack at all times, so that if you do have a mishap, you can fix it and be on your way in no time.


Source by Billings Farnsworth