Finally there is a motorcycle LED light kit specifically designed for sport bikes, "The Sport Bike Kit".

Sport Bikes are attractive and aggressive machines that, on their own, command attention. They are eye-catching, fast, and becoming more and more popular among both new and experienced riders. Now, with LED light kits designed specifically for them they are sure to be show stoppers.

Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Honda sport bike owners can now join the ranks of their cruiser motorcycle compared with these motorcycle LED light kits.

The sport bike kit consist of eight 9-LED Stingerz strips and four 3-LED Stingerz strips to coincide with the large and small openings in the motorcycle fairings. The kit is available in blue, purple, green, white, red, orange, teal, pink, purple or any combination of these colors.

Stingerz are highly flexible waterproof strips. The LEDs are spaced at 1cm and, with a 120 degree viewing angle, they provide a brilliant, even light pattern. Each light strip comes with a 36 "lead wrapped in black sheathing for a simple and quick installation. to all makes and models.

Just picture these sleek, impressive, machines glowing in an array of colors. It will be a sight to behold!

(Note: LED lighting on sport bikes is not only designed to enhance the physical appearance of these bikes but also significantly contributes to the likelihood of being seen by other vehicle drivers.)


Source by Carol Silverman