There have been a lot of strange diets and fitness systems recently but they are not always a lot of fun. One of the latest fitness and exercise fads is to lose weight by mountain bike riding. Mountain biking is one of the most fun things that you can do while at the same time getting a great workout. It's only natural that if you are riding fast down a dirt track then it must be one the best ways to have fun will getting fit. Although it is not always thought of as good exercise, mountain biking is a really good way to burn calories. You just have to make sure that you do not put them back on again at the local Pizzeria after your cycling workout.

If you are just thinking of starting to lose weight by mountain bike riding then you need to make sure that you have got all of the right gear. It only makes sense that if you do not have a good bike then you will not have as much fun and it's quite possible that you will not have as good a workout as you normally would experience. The fact is you need a good bike to help you to get the most out of your mountain cycling workout. If you are going to be riding on some tough off-road trails then it is essential that you have something that is reliable. If you just go for something that is not really made to be a ridden on a trail, then it might well be unreliable and that can spoil a good day out.

For safety reasons you also need a good helmet. It is essential if you are going to be riding the trails that you buy one that is of good quality and meets all of the recommended safety and riding standards. Mountain biking is great fun but if you fall off your bicycle then you will need something to keep you safe. You also might want to wear some good boots as well. Boots that are made for mountain biking give you good protection around the ankles and are a very good investment.

Many people find that once they start mountain biking they want to continue to spend a lot more time out on the trails. There is not many other ways to burn calories that turn out to be so much fun that you want to keep doing the exercise even after losing the weight but mountain biking has that effect on people. If you want to start to lose weight by mountain bike riding then it might be a good idea to join a club. You can get some great advice there and you will find more people to go riding with. So if you are thinking of trying to lose weight by mountain bike riding then it is well worth a try as you will not only lose weight but you could also find yourself with a great new hobby as well.


Source by Tim Gorman